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Childrens Acting & Musical Theatre Singing Classes - New York, NY

Do you want your child to learn acting and singing while working with industry pros and gaining performance experience? Whether you have a future star or just want your child to build confidence, The Children's Acting Academy is designed for your kid. We are one of the top acting schools in New York and have been providing children with acting classes for 40 years. Our mix of professional acting training combined with individual instruction and performance opportunities will provide a foundation for your child to pursue acting.

Acting Schools - New York, NY

We utilize the Stanislavski, Strasberg and Meisner methods to teach acting. Students learn to behave logically and naturally. Concentration and relaxation are emphasized through sensory exercises, scene work and improvisation. Proper speech and voice are emphasized during every class session. While acting & singing classes are done in groups, we reserve time to work with each kid individually.

Our acting classes feature instruction, observation and performance from professionals working on Broadway and on TV. Previous activities have included:
  • Learning Stomp choreography from a cast member
  • Working with a voice-over artist and then watching her record
  • Experiencing stage combat from a stunt coordinator
  • Learning improvisation from a top actress
  • Giving periodic performance recitals
We want our students to experience the business of acting as well. We have:
  • Met with agents and personal managers
  • Toured a TV studio
  • Worked on auditioning with a musical theater veteran
Your child will learn acting from the best in the business, get a chance to perform and have fun. You will also be able to take advantage of our extensive contact list of agents looking for young talent. At The Children's Acting Academy your child will excel.

Acting Schools - Enrollment

Admission is by interview only. There is a one-time interview/registration fee of $75. Enrollment is accepted anytime on a pro-rated basis. Class size is small (6-10 students). Scholarships and payment plans are available on a per need basis. We offer three sessions. Fall and Spring each run 10 weeks at a cost of $500.00. The Winter session runs 12 weeks and costs $600.00.
To REGISTER FOR CLASSES and print a sign-up sheet, please click one of the buttons below:

We also offer private acting lessons.

More details on our classes are below. For questions and to enroll call us at 212-860-7101 or email caanyc@gmail.com. We look forward to providing acting classes for your child!


Teen Meisner Acting Class
The curriculum consists of an intensive year-long training based program that focuses on the Meisner technique of actor training. This is not a performance based program and will emphasize technique. It will solely focus on work that will promote deeper, stronger acting for auditions both commercial and legit, and stage and film acting. The Meisner technique teaches through doing and results in an honest, moment to moment way of acting. The actor will be challenged to do things that will move them to listen and respond in an improvisational manner given the highest stakes imaginable or the most mundane, every day circumstances. The class is limited to14 students. We will not go over that limit therefore it is a very personal, private experience within the theater environment. Please look at your schedules and at your child’s desire to experience something new, personal and exciting for his/her artistic growth.
All classes will be held at Roy Arias Studios, 43rd and 8th

Beginning actors learn to behave logically and naturally onstage. Sensory technique is incorporated into improvisational work, scene study and monologues. Relaxation and concentration are stressed. Students are exposed to various techniques including: Spolin, Stanislavski, Hagen, Strasberg, and Meisner.

Advanced Acting
Skills learned in Beginning Acting are refined. Advanced scene study is an integral part of the class, with a stress on character development techniques. In addition, students perfect monologue preparation for auditions.

Broadway Dance
This is a new class taught this year by a Broadway level choreographer. It is recommended for students between the ages of 6-15. We welcome all dancers (beginners through advanced) and guarantee to make each student shine! Classes will be split into groups according to ability. Every dance will be from a Broadway show and choreographed to fit the needs of the students. The trimesters will progress building up the dance routines ending in 3 show ready songs. The fall and spring trimesters will culminate in an in-class recital. The winter trimester will include performances in the March 8th showcase. The class will teach students endurance and memory recall. They will perfect common moves and dance genres including jazz, modern, tap and ballet. Students will learn to pick up routines quickly like an audition setting. They will learn how to perform within group numbers and learn placement.

Creative Drama I - II
A journey through the world of mime, sound, rhythm, movement, and improvisation. Classic children's stories and sensory exercises are used to increase awareness, strengthen concentration and inspire creative spontaneity and imagination. Demonstration/performance class at the end of term.

Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre Students get a combination of proper singing technique and the tools to sell a song. Each student moves at their own pace and therefore will prepare as many songs as they can handle. By the end of the semester each student will have a variety of audition ready songs which they will perform at the end of semester recital and at the Off-Broadway Showcase at the end of the Winter Trimester. creative spontaneity and imagination. Demonstration/performance class at the end of term.

Beginning TV
Poetry, prose, and professional commercial copy are used to offer on-camera experience. Speech and voice, oral interpretation, audition techniques and interview skills are stressed to encourage poise and confidence for the shy as well as the aspiring professional.

Advanced TV
This class strengthens skills learned in Beginning TV. Commercial copy and professional TV scripts (sitcom, daytime drama) are studied and performed on-camera. Audition technique is emphasized. Resumes, head shots, and other professional aspects of the business are thoroughly explored.

Student Ensemble

The Company
This is not a class. This is an ensemble of students who are performance ready. The students go immediately into rehearsals. They perform at a well known musical at an Off-Broadway theatre in NYC. The students are given the opportunity to display their talents in singing, acting and dance. We will also have the opportunity to invite prominent agents, managers, and casting directors to give on-camera and stage workshops to The Company members. Acceptance into The Company is by audition only.

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